Michael Tracy-Ireland

photo of michael tracy-ireland

Program Area: P-12, Race to the Top/Performance Management Office

Title: Project Manager

Year started with New York State: 1988

Year started with NYSED: 2000

PEF Steward Since: 2009

Why I'm a PEF 194 Steward: "I decided to become a PEF shop steward in April 2009 because I wanted to take an active role in protecting our jobs and because I want to promote progressive changes in the NYSED workplace that will promote a better working partnership between management and labor; changes, I hope, that will result in a more professional, productive and satisfying work environment. I believe PEF can be a leader in working with our members and other unions to create a workplace that fosters the growth and development of all its employees while supporting a healthy balance between home and work. We can do this together with managment by leveraging available technologies and embracing new approaches to work including telecommuting, flexible scheduling, job-sharing and other creative initiatives. Equally concerned about fostering a sustainable environment capable of supporting human life for the long-term, I believe these measures, taken together, will be good for workers, management, taxpayers AND the environment. Care to join me? "